Ask yourself

If I do what I have been doing, in personal life or in business, will it get me where I want to be after five years ?


Human mind is surprising. How it can lead one’s character, health, emotions, work, moods, actions and so on is truly amazing. Most of the times, we give in and let our minds lead. I so often thought, “wish I could lead the way my mind leads my life” until I came across this therapeutic art form, better known as Theatre. Theatre is not only fun, it has a larger than life reach, beyond our imagination and realization. As a painter, I had all the opportunity to express myself with colors, but when it bonded with theatre, the governance of mind became more of biological than emotional…. And that was my first step towards the interesting term ‘Connecting Dots’.

Anyone can do it. So why not try it out? What stops us from giving it a thought, few moments from our busy schedules, few hours of our lives, if it has the potential of transforming the rest of our life? Let’s do it….

Let’s connect the dots and rewire our thoughts!

Did you ever try those connect-the-dots drawings as a child? What fun it was to get the step-by-step clarity of the hidden picture! And what I always enjoyed was not just the picture that got revealed but also the process of getting there. It was a journey of awareness leading to transformation.

Your journey to Transformation begins now

About Geetika

I am still exploring who I am, for it is an ongoing process. Technically speaking, I am a postgraduate in Physics from IIT Roorkee who veered off into art of painting, writing  & theatre. How? Because, after all, it is the business of both science and art to move us to wonder!

In order to understand myself further and find the answer to ‘Why am I here’, I repeatedly dwell into coaching programmes, reading and connecting with wonderful mentors & creators. Working with various walks of people, who are looking for the same answers as I am, brings me closer to my purpose of life. I am grateful that my skill set is greatly appreciated by my coachees. Theatre, colours and words, when used as the tools of expression, create great experiential learning, making the process fun-filled and interactive.

My USP- Transformation Coaching using Theatre and Art.


Geetika, is a part of an ‘All Moms Theatre Group’, that she created in Feb 2013. Geetika has been part of 10 productions and theatre has become a love affair for her.



Geetika has been painting ever since she can recall. From being a commercial artist, to an exhibiting artist to a mentor, her journey is long and enriching.

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Geetika is an awarded Child Litterateur with 16 published books to her credit. Her stories and poems are simple and carry an underlined message.

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