Successful Stories of transformation through THEATRE & ART

Basically I’m shy by nature, less talkative and a good listener. When my younger son also left our nest for his studies after class 12th, me and my husband were left all alone. My husband as usual busy in his office and I was the only affected soul of this emptiness. So I decided to keep myself busy. From childhood I was interested in acting and I joined MAGIC CREATIONS run by Geetika Goyal. After joining this my life totally changed. During the sessions, I forget everything and just enjoy my ‘me’ time.SAROJ SAREEN
Magic Creations engages children wonderfully in creative pursuits like art, theatre and creative writing. I would highly recommend the modules to budding creative minds, under the mentorship of director, Geetika Goyal.SHRAVASTI ROY
I am glad we have your help wiring Mahi’s right brain 🙂 No wonder she is crazy about your sessions.SUMAN SARAF
This was one of the most memorable, adorable and beautiful moments of my life- the moment my part in the play ended and I was standing facing the audience–never felt like that before. It was amazing!! And now I feel addicted to it. Thanks Geetika for starting this theatre journey.ARVINDA BHATIA
Theatre has given me wings and instilled in me the confidence. It truly takes out the best in you!DEEPTI SINHA
Magic Creations did a magic to my daughter’s overall personality. The art of expression and creation that she has developed is all because of you. Geetika is an amazing coach who understands the psychology very well.SHASHANK JAIN
Happy to share that I acted in an ad for Reliance Foundation. It was a good experience and thanks to my learnings through Theatre that a shy person like me wasn’t nervous in front of the camera. Loved the experience.SEEMA MITRA
इस अनोखे अनुभव के बारे में क्या कहूँ शब्द ही नहीं हैं मेरे पास! मैजिक क्रिएशन के मैजिक के आगोश में जब में पहुँची तो जीवन ही बदल गया। मैं भूल गई कि मैं 72 साल की होने वाली हूँ। मैंने बी. ए., एम.ए. की कक्षाओं में नाटक बहुत पढ़ाए, पर कभी कल्पना भी नहीं की थी कि मैं भी नाटकों में अभिनय करूँगी और वो भी इस उम्र में! मैं उम्र के इस पड़ाव पर होने वाले कष्टों को भूल गई और मेरे अंदर बचपन वाली स्फूर्ति आ गई और मैं फिर एक बार लौट गई मासूम और सुन्दर बचपन में, वो बचपन, जिसमें आशाएँ होतीं , नई-नई उम्मीदें होती हैं और साथ में होती है कुछ नया करने की ललक! आज मैं बहत खुश हूँ थिएटर से जुड़कर! मैं हमेशा जुडी रहूँगी जीवन के अंतिम लम्हों तक, जिससे मेरे अंदर में नई ऊर्जा का संचार होता रहे। मैं कहती हूँ कि हम सबको जुड़ना चाहिए थिएटर से, जिससे हम जीवन की त्रासदी को भूलकर जीवन के मधुरिम क्षणों का भरपूर आनन्द उठा सकें। एकबार पुनः धन्यवाद गीतिका का।Dr. MEENA AGARWAL
I can’t thank my stars enough to have you for my son.VANDANA SUDHAKAR DUTT
Magic Creations has been a place where there has been a great emphasis on freedom of expression. Geetika has always been a great supporter of this. She never compromises on the quality, it’s always best or nothing.APARNA DAMARAJU
Awesome experience. Such creativity. Geetika is very polite, perfect in what she does, ever patient, motivating, guide and quickly knows the psychology which helps create better learning experience.MONIKA MITTAL
Everything explained so well… After attending the sessions, you will feel the difference in yourrself and become more confident.SHUBHAM GARG